Due to the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, social sentiment plays an important role in influencing cryptocurrency prices.

The social sentiment is a way of measuring the emotions behind social media and other online mentions.

For example, when Tesla announced it was purchasing US$1.5 billion of bitcoins, the market displayed a bullish reaction to the news, as judged by the nature of coverage on different media platforms. Consequently, bitcoin prices soared to an all-time high.

While the news of Tesla’s purchase had a significant effect on the crypto market, that is the exception rather than the norm.

Thousands of news articles…

We have received some queries from some members of the public on whether SnapBots Ltd is owned or linked to Torque Group Holdings and its management.

To avoid any apparent confusion, we wish to unequivocally state that Snap Bots Ltd is not in any way owned or linked to Torque Group Holdings and its management.

We hope and trust that this clarifies.

For more information on our executive team members, please visit our official site as below:


SnapBots is a BVI registered company that aims to develop a community of Bots. These bots seek to maintain sustainable growth in its path of developing a Bot economy.

Unless you are on a social media detox, you would have likely heard of the craze surrounding NFTs today.

From digital artist Beeple’s Everyday collection going for US$69 million to Twitter co-founder Jake Dorsey selling his first-ever tweet for US$3 million, NFTs are taking the digital world by storm.

Despite all the hype, what are NFTs and is the excitement surrounding them justified?

Firstly, let us break the term NFT down. NFTs is the acronym for non-fungible tokens. Though it may sound like a mouthful, the concept behind it is relatively straightforward.

According to Investopedia, fungibility is the ability of…

SnapBots is a group of AI bots powered by learning algorithms. It creates buy-or-build financial bots and caters to humans that seek to maintain a self-sustaining bot economy.

SnapBots was founded with the mission to connect users and AI developers. With that goal in mind, it is only right to select those who are passionate, driven, and capable. SnapBots is thrilled to introduce its executive team members.

The importance of having the right psychological approach to trading is crucial for long-term success.

Although trading can be highly quantitative, the relevance of trading psychology should not be overlooked.

Trading psychology can be defined as “the emotions and mental state that help to dictate success or failure in trading securities”. There are generally two different emotions that can alter a trader’s decision-making process — fear and greed.

We will discuss the reasons behind the manifestation of both emotions, their implications and explore how we can leverage technology to deal with them.

There are two main types of fear in…

Picking a good stock to trade can be challenging. With thousands of publicly-listed companies on a single exchange, the plethora of data can be intimidating for a novice trader.

While traders have their preferred strategies and checklists to follow before executing a trade, here are some guidelines to assist you in picking a stock to trade. Besides that, we will explore how technology can assist you in processing the information on exchanges to make rational stock picks.

Firstly, traders should look to monitor the volume index of the stock they are looking to trade. The index measures the volume of…

With the ease of setting up trading accounts and executing trades from a computer, day trading is no longer a job reserved for professionals from trading firms.

Today, everyone can trade. Amidst the growing number of amateur day traders today, how can you stand out and be a good day trader?

Here are five traits you need to embrace to set you on the path to success as a day trader.

  1. Discipline

The most important trait a trader should possess is the toughest to master too.

In a volatile environment such as the stock market, it is crucial to stay…

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. As a day trader, having a daily checklist before starting the trading day is crucial in maintaining one’s discipline and ensuring consistency when executing trades.

Therefore, professional traders often view their daily checklist as a ritual one must go through to prepare themselves before the opening bell.

However, creating one is easier said than done. Hence, we have identified five key points that should be included in your daily trading checklist.

Checking the economic calendar and news

Apart from reading your morning papers, you should check the economic calendar on a daily or weekly…

With cryptocurrencies becoming increasingly popular today, more are turning towards day trading them to capitalize on their volatility and pocket profits. However, what exactly is day trading, and can this be profitable?

Day trading in cryptocurrency entails buying and selling the same currency within the trading day. It has increased in popularity recently due to price fluctuations in bitcoin and the general improvement in perceptions towards cryptocurrencies.

Similar to long-term traders, day traders should seek to conduct their due diligence on a counter before purchasing it. This analysis can be broadly classified into two categories — fundamental and technical.


Having explored the different ways to earn with cryptocurrencies here, we will deep dive into the arbitrage strategy and explore how we can execute it to generate profits.

While there are countless technical explanations offered for the arbitrage strategy, a succinct definition would explain it as the practice of buying low and selling high.

Arbitrage leverages on price exchanges in cryptocurrency assets to capture profits. These price differences usually arise due to volume differences on cryptocurrency exchanges due to varying liquidity on them.

For example, a large international exchange with high liquidity might have a lower price, for the same…


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